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GPSXC Publisher's Description

GPSXC is a powerful GPS navigation and track logger software aimed at fulfilling the needs of people practicing open air sports including trekking, paragliding, hanggliding, MTB and sailing. Map support is now included! Maps can be imported and calibrated or just downloaded from a list of supported Internet sites. Using your GPS coordinates, you can download map pictures, land maps or street maps!

All you need is a bluetooth GPS receiver and a Symbian OS Series 60 smartphone, e.g. Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6260, Nokia 7610, Nokia 3660, Nokia 3650, Nokia N-Gage, Siemens SX1 and many more.

Please email us to ask any question about GPSXC!

Version 1.2 is available!

New features:
  • Route support with advanced funcionalities and Garmin protocol compatibility
  • New units supported:
    • Distance: kilometers, miles, nautical miles
    • Speed: km/h, mph, knots, m/s
    • Altitude: meters, feet
    • Lat/Long: DMS, DMm, Dd
  • Waypoint proximity with acoustical notification
  • Full screen speed indicator in km/h, mph, knots and m/s
  • Great Britain Ordnance Survey map download support
  • Keyboard lock! Keep recording your tracks even with the phone in a pocket


This is the basic feature, including position, altitude, speed and direction provided by your GPS. Automatic reconnection is provided in case the communication with the bluetooth receiver is lost. High contrast colors are used to improve readability in every condition. Furthermore the backlight of your phone can be kept always on, to read the display in low light conditions without the need of touching your phone.

Map support
NEW in version 1.1!
Using your current position or a waypoint, GPSXC is able to download a map from the Internet using a list of supported sites. Maps are not limited to street maps, but can also include terrain, tracks and pictures (orthomaps) of the required area. Since version 1.2 GB Ordnance Survey map download is also supported.

Map calibration
NEW in version 1.1!
If you already have a detailed map with all the information required for your open air activity (e.g.: trekking or MTB tracks, flying sites, detailed terrain data, and so on), you can import it in GPSXC with very few steps.
All you have to do is to load your map bitmap (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF or BMP, to name the most common formats) and calibrate two points, as shown in the previous screenshot.
GPSXC 1.1 provides also a map management tool with which it's possible to decide which maps must be loaded in memory and in what order. This way it is possible to keep as many maps as your phone or memory card supports without the need to keep them always loaded.

Track logging

Automatic recording of your track, without limitation in the number of track points. The track recording interval can be set to any value starting from 1 second. Zoom and panning features to view your track are also provided. The track can be downloaded to a PC using software like OziExplorer, CompeGPS, SeeYou or any other program compatible with the Garmin protocol, using the infrared port of your smartphone, with no need for additional expensive cables! The downloaded track is compatible with the Online Contest (OLC), as needed from air sports cross country competitors.

Reference track

A track can be uploaded to your phone from your PC using your favorite software as described above. A useful way to compare the path or track you are following with an existing one.


You can add, view and edit as many waypoints as you want. You can select a waypoint to know which direction you have to follow to reach it, the distance from your goal and, if you are practicing air sports like paragliding or hanggliding, a useful glide ratio indicator. Waypoints can be downloaded and uploaded from your PC, avoiding the need of entering them manually. If a waypoint radius is set, the heading arrow will start to blink before reaching the radius distance from the waypoint and turns green once the radius distance is entered. A sound is also played to avoid the need to watch the screen in order to know when the waypoint has been reached.

NEW in version 1.2!

A route is a sequence of waypoints. When a route is selected, the waypoint view shows a yellow arrow to indicate the direction (heading) to the current waypoint and a red arrow to indicate the direction to the next waypoint. The distance and the glide ratio to both points are also shown on screen. Having both the current and the next waypoint on screen is very helpful in many open air activities and competitions, where it is essential to know which direction to take at agiven time. When a position inside the waypoint's radius is reached GPSXC switches automatically to the next waypoint in the route, playing a sound to let the user know that a new destination is on screen. Furthermore, when the position is in a close distance to the radius, the arrow blinks and a sound is played. For use in competitions, an extra point is added to the current logged track when a waypoint in the route is reached. Finally, routes can be loaded or saved from a PC program like OziExplorer or CompeGPS compatible with the Garmin protocol.


Safety is a big issue in open air sports. GPSXC will allow you to send periodically or manually a SMS detailing your current position to a phone number of your choice, letting other people know your position at a given time.

Weather map

Knowing weather conditions is always needed when you are practicing your favourite sport. GPSXC includes a useful weather map download and display function, using a GSM data or GPRS connection. The weather map download location is customizable as you need.

A trial copy is available to test GPSXC. Some limitations in that version are unavoidable: the number of waypoints and maps is limited to 3, the track is limited to 100 points and the software shuts automatically down after 30 minutes and must be manually restarted. Aside that, all the features are available. Enjoy!

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